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Virtual Team Building Like You’ve Never Seen Before

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  • A B2B gaming studio
  • Unique challenge creators
  • Team-building experts
  • Connectors extraordinaire
  • Fun enthusiasts
  • A bunch of total nerds

You play our virtual challenge. Bonds are built, engagement is raised, and productivity skyrockets.

We’re here to reconnect teams before burnout, creative blocks, and miscommunication take over.
Let Quala help you train your team brain, hone your skillset, and smash traditional paradigms to create a new collective you.
Our remote team activities increase employee engagement using play at work.
We work so you can play.

We use very buzzy concepts and esoteric research and mountains of data to empower employees to work better, together.
Looking to engage your remote employees?
We’ve already tested our magic blend of tools and techniques on like, a ton of people.

Over 75,000 brilliant and distinctive and talented people, to be more precise.

We’ve got your back if you’re ready to jump.
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You tell us your concerns.



Your team plays through a tailor-made team challenge.



The challenge ends with an optional, personalized debriefing.



Then we send you all out to perform better in the world.


Quala facilitates gamification at work to inspire individuals.
To shake up how you do business.
And to reconnect your work team.

We'd Love To Explain How
Feature 1


Turning Work Into Play

We’ve combed through stacks of theory to bring you the best parts of gamified work.
You want to empower your team to work better.
But you don’t want them bored.
So, we use play to help them strengthen their skills.

Everyone likes to play.

Feature 2


From Theory to Practice

We do our research.
A lot of it.
We spent a lot of time reading through abstracts, fascinating hypotheses, and many, many, many data tables and charts and reports and articles and journals and...
You get the idea.

And then we built games.

Feature 3


Connect More Deeply

Keep your teams connected, motivated, and collaborative with our hybrid team building activities.
We aren’t going to make you do virtual trust falls.
Our team-building challenges are ACTUALLY fun.

Enjoy a better Quala-ty connection.

plus x plus x plus x

About Us

We have tons of years of experience in management and team leadership.

About a lifetime of cumulative work, if we did the math right.

We’ve scoured the world for the best gamification techniques and tested them time and again.

Now, we leverage all of those things.

To increase employee well-being.

And make the world a better place.

Just for you.

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