In the golden years before Corona, 2 brilliant geeks decided to build brand new escape rooms in a recently vacated office space. We gutted everything, built customized challenges, and we were off! Those rooms also turned into mobile escape rooms to give more people the chance to play. When Corona did hit, we pivoted. And our rooms moved online.

Why? Because we can reconnect people. We LOVE watching people have fun. We’re obsessed with building puzzles and riddles and games. And we love creating new experiences for people across the globe. At the end of the day, we all have a child inside us, waiting to play. Quala helps reconnect teams and let that inner child out.

As an added bonus, we can help teams meet goals and get to know one another in a deeper way while they’re having fun. We also work with psychologists that can observe groups at play to help individuals learn more about themselves.

Quala wants to change the way that work works. We live in a world where true connection and mindful attention are hard to come by. Play can change that. Our games change that. Hopefully, that changes the world. A little bit at a time.

Our Team

Man 1

Rani Luz

CEO & Co-Founder

In-House Marketing & Sales Guru

BBA, Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya

Spends his free time rehabilitating rescued houseplants

Man 2

Gal Yodfat

CEO & Founder

Riddle Master Extraordinaire

MA BNAD, Bar Ilan University

King of the grill, skies, and the playroom

Man 3

Ronen Rozin


Tech Wizard

BSc, Bar Ilan University

Knew every car brand before 10: hasn’t forgotten 1 yet

Man 4

Daria Hemy


Team Taskmaster

BA, Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya

Beach bum, Bamba snacker, Chablis drinker

Man 5

Nadav Goldberg

Head of Portable Escape Rooms

Real-Life Puzzle Tester

Student of the School of Life

Pink bicycle aficionado

Man 6

Rachel Kippur

Head of Organizational Development

Resident English Speaker

MA, Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya

Speed reader, kitchen witch, and dog nerd

Man 7

Alan Perel

Head of Studio

Game Designer and Script Writer

BFA, Sapir and Shenkar Colleges

Can be found waxing lyrical to tango beats across Tel Aviv

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